8 Time-Wasting Mistakes to Avoid During a House Move

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The mere thought of moving house can be quite overwhelming, especially if you haven’t done it before. Moving into university and bringing some of your items from home is quite manageable. However, don’t expect the same scenario when moving house.

Relocating to a new place is an exciting endeavour, but the process of doing so isn’t something a lot of people look forward to. To make the process much simpler for you, here are some tips on mistakes you should avoid when the time to relocate arrives:

1. Not having a plan

There’ll be so much going on during a house move, and you need a plan to ensure that you are on the right track. Prior to your move date, you should have a daily or weekly checklist for all the tasks you need to accomplish.

This will help you stay on your schedule and prevent last-minute headaches such as not having to hire a removalist at the last minute, not enough cartons for packing, or forgetting to pay your last month’s bills.

2. Not hiring a quality removals company

The belief that you will save more by not hiring a professional removalist is typically not correct. If you don’t hire experts for your move, you will be needing to hire a removal truck and you will need other people, such as your friends or relatives to help you with your relocation. This can be quite a hassle, especially if these people don’t have the same amount of free time to help you pack and move.

Another point to consider is that professional removalists can handle the heavy lifting far more efficiently. They have the equipment and well-trained staff who can manoeuvre your items safely, including special items like a piano or a fragile antique piece. A professional removalist handling the job can save you significant amounts of time and effort, minimising the risk of damage or personal injury.

If you’re worried about the expense, a good removals company can help you work within your set budget. Make sure that when you get a removal quote, inform the company about all moving details so that they can give you a reasonable price.

Start looking a few weeks prior to your move (much earlier during peak times such as summer). Get recommendations from your network of family and friends, or check online for removalists with good reviews from past customers.

3. Splurging on items

Moving isn’t a great time to stock up on what you want and need. As much as possible, do that right after you have moved into your new place. Splurging will only add more things to pack, increasing your moving expenses.

Instead of splurging, opt to declutter so that you have less things to pack and more time to do other things. Separate the things you need from the ones that are no longer essential. If the things you don’t need can still be of good use to other people, you can either donate or sell them to make money.

4. Failing to stock up on packing supplies

A house move is a crucial time, and you shouldn’t be wasting your efforts on running to and fro just to get packing supplies. Prepare plenty of supplies ahead by gathering

  • Tape
  • Cartons in various sizes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Box cutters
  • Markers

If you want to save time and be environment-friendly, a useful tip would be to pack with the materials that you have that are appropriate for certain items. For instance, you can load up your plastic containers and suitcases, and use pillows or towels as a cushion to protect delicate items.

5. Delaying home improvements

The best feeling in the world is to move into a home that’s already in top shape. Don’t postpone your home improvements and spruce up your new place before moving your belongings into it. After all, it’s much easier to clean, paint, and make other renovations while the place is still empty.

Before you even set a move date, inspect your new place and see if there are repairs or improvements you need to attend to. This way, you can move in fast and without any hassles.

6. Not saving for the unexpected

In every house move, it’s crucial that you have emergency cash. Unexpected costs may surprise you during relocation which may cause delays in the process. These can include small things like dining out because all your utensils are packed or your furniture not fitting into your place so you need to get storage.

Talk to friends and family about their previous unexpected moving costs, or discuss this with your removalists, so that you have a clearer idea of how much money you need to set aside.

7. Not making the house move-out ready

Most removalists won’t touch anything that’s still hard-wired in your old house. Make sure that you unplug light fixtures and appliances beforehand. Also, clear out paths from your house towards the removal truck for ease of access.

The moving process will speed up when there are no obstructions and ground rules are set on what and how items should be moved

8. Forgetting to update your address and contact information

To make sure no important or confidential documents end up at your old home, don’t forget to update your address and contact information in advance. This can ease your transition as well as avoid questions from your bank, insurance company, employer, doctor, family, and friends on where and how they can contact you. This will also help you prevent making lapses on service or payments as you move into your new place. You may want to consider a mail redirection service for three to six months in case you have missed anything.


Have a stress-free house move

Even if you think you’re strong enough and have the time, never attempt to move on your own as you may end up sacrificing your health and having damaged goods. A house move is a huge step that is better done with trained people and a professional removals company on your side.

And no matter how tiring the moving process can be, you can make things easier by avoiding the eight mistakes mentioned above. This way, you can focus on starting your new life in your new place.

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