Antique Removals


Antiques are often extremely expensive and they hold great sentimental value, especially when they are considered as heirlooms. This is why people often show an understandable reluctance to entrust these valuable items to anyone, particularly removalists.

Antique Removals You Can Trust

To address the need for safe and reliable antique removals, Bells Removals & Storage offers a service that was developed through our years of experience in transporting valuable goods. We can assure you that your items are safe with us. We can pack all your antiques so that they are moved the way you want them to be moved – safely.

They are excellent packers and nice friendly people to get on with. They were on time, dealt with any difficulties and we have had no complaints from customers. All due care is taken with delicate items. David Frost – De Witt Antiques

Moving and relocating your antiques is a speciality we take seriously. Because antiques are a valuable commodity we endeavour to provide a level of service that exceeds customer expectations. From large and robust grandfather clocks to intricate and easily breakable ornaments, we take great care in ensuring each piece is wrapped and packaged carefully before being transported to your chosen location.

Bells Removals & Storage, likewise, has different storage options available. If you are in need of short term or long term storage space, our secure facility can house different types of furniture and goods.

We pride ourselves on our door-to-door service. We can also arrange for insurance on all items for relocation.

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