Helpful Tips For Hassle-Free Office Removals


As your business continues to expand, it is inevitable that you will hire more employees and purchase more equipment to help you meet the increased demand for your products or services. Over time, you’ll notice that your current headquarters can no longer sufficiently meet the growing needs of your thriving venture, necessitating the transfer to a new, larger office.

If you think moving from one house to another is stressful, then consider the sheer volume of tasks associated with office removals. In order to minimise the stress and anxiety associated with moving from one office to another, we at Bells Removals and Storage have compiled this list of tips to minimise hassles and ensure that the process of moving from one office to another does not hamper with your business’s operations.

Once you have determined that you really ought to transfer your base of operations from your current office to a larger one, it is imperative that you set a time frame and schedule for the move. This will allow you and your staff to map out a suitable strategy in moving office equipment while minimising operation down time.

At the same time, it is also highly advisable to inform your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders about the move into a new office. This will help prevent miscommunication and confusion on the part of those who are dealing with your venture. You should also update service providers of your schedule to ensure that vital business services are up and running upon your move.

Enlist the aid of your employees in listing the important tasks associated with the move as well as proper scheduling. This ensures that tasks are broken down into manageable bits and facilitate a quicker transfer. You can even solicit their advice on what the new office’s layout will be.

Employees should also be informed whether they should be the one packing their own cubicle or you are enlisting the aid of office removalists for this task.

Just like with home removals, it is important to start packing office equipment supplies at the earliest time possible. Determine which office items you would not be using in the near future and pack these first. Equipment, tools and supplies that are vital for daily operations should be packed last.

Purchase the appropriate packing supplies for office items and label boxes accordingly to eliminate mix-ups. The same principle applies to office furniture. It will also be helpful to label office furniture in terms of where to place them in the new office. Days prior to moving, make sure that specialised equipment have been prepared for the transfer; draining liquids or labelling removable parts should be done.

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