Moving Timeline: A Week-By-Week To-Do List

a happy young married couple moves to new apartment

Moving entails a significant amount of preparation and work. Considering the logistics involved alone, it pays to follow a system that can organise your move, thereby saving you from experiencing unwanted stress.

Weeks before the big move, you’ll have to juggle a significant number of tasks and preparation to exit your old home. There will be last-minute chores to do before the move and some work to do to prepare your next house before you move in.

Follow the week-by-week to-do list below to make your next move as easy as possible.

6 Weeks Until the Move: Declutter Your Home

This week is all about organizing your possessions. Take inventory of everything you own and make a list. Go through each part of the house with a basket for misplaced items and a bucket of cleaning supplies like a sponge, damp cloth, and cleaning products.

When you reach the kitchen, don’t forget to clean out the fridge. You’ll want to start consuming perishables in the refrigerator at this time. Weed out the bad or soon-to-spoil food and make a meal plan to consume the remaining food before the move.

As for your other belongings, separate them into several categories, like the ones below.

  • To Keep: Items that you would like to keep and bring with you to the new house
  • To Donate: Clothes, toys, and other belongings you would like to donate to charity
  • To Mend or Fix: Things that need to be fixed, which can later go to either the “To Keep” or “To Donate” pile
  • To Give Away: Things you would like to give to a specific person, like a relative or close friend
  • To Throw Away: Items you would like to discard

There are two categories above (“To Donate” and “To Give Away”) which can help declutter your life entirely while giving you an opportunity to give back to those in need. Alternatively, you could also sell items you don’t want or need in a garage sale. Proceeds from the sale can contribute to your moving costs.

5 Weeks Until the Move: Research Removal Companies and Hire Professional Removalists

After a week of sifting through everything you own, get some rest and do some light housework. During this time, you should do your research on moving companies that can help you transport your belongings. During your online search, you may want to look at the other services removalist companies can offer you.

Some businesses will go beyond transporting your belongings. For instance, at Bells Removals, we offer professional packing and unpacking services. Let us do the hard work for you, while you focus on other more important aspects of moving.

Make sure to choose a removalist that offers all of the specific moving services you require. This might include transporting your pet or car to your new location.

4 Weeks Until the Move: Inform People of Your Impending Move

Now that you’ve hired professional removalists, the move is set in stone. This week, you should concentrate on informing the relevant people about it.

First, tell your landlord about your move because you will need to settle your payments and they will need to find a new tenant for your old house.

You would also need to submit your 30-day notice at work at this time, if you are taking on another job after your move. This might be quite stressful to some, however it may also signify an exciting new chapter of your life.

3 Weeks Until the Move: Transfer Utilities and Other Essential Services

Once you’ve told everyone about the move, it’s time to schedule the transfer of utilities, home and contents insurance and other services. Among these are your mobile phone and internet services, which need to be connected to your new home. This week, you should be making calls to any companies who need to know about your new residence.

Of course, you will also need to cancel the services and subscriptions that cannot be transferred to your new residence or that you will no longer be needing.

2 Weeks Until the Move: Start Packing

Everyone that needs to know should, by now, be informed about your move. The next chore on this to-do list is to start the actual packing process. There is a system you can follow to make this process as painless as possible.

First, gather the packing supplies listed below:

  • Boxes
  • Markers
  • Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Box Cutters or Scissors
  • Plastic or bubble wrap

When you’re packing, work on one room at a time and try to place all the items in a room in the same set of boxes. Label all the containers using permanent markers so you know what each box contains, whether they are fragile or not, and in which room in the new house they should go.

1 Week Until the Move: Clean Your Former Home

Now it’s time to clean your old home for the last time. By now, your possessions should be packed up and the majority of your house should be empty, so it will be easy to scrub every inch of your former residence thoroughly.


Moving can be a complicated process, but thankfully, you can always ask for help. With the right removal company, even something as intimidating as a move could turn into an experience that is pleasant and stress-free. If you are getting ready to begin the relocation process, give us a call. Our team at Bells Removals will make sure that your move is smooth and hassle-free.

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